Donate to the Club

You + Donation = Opportunities
“Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easier.” ~ Dan Gable

In the beginning……there was Wrestling.

Now, thousands of years later and labeled as the worlds oldest sport, why does wrestling not win the “popularity” vote amongst our youth and has eluded recognition in our main stream media? Many “experts” have voiced opinions on why, but unless you have wrestled, you can never truly know the answer to this question.

Wrestling, commonly misunderstood, continues to thrive by the passion and love of an individual’s desire to compete and be challenged. It’s participants are not driven by fortune nor fame. The backbone of this sport is supported by people like you. People who love wrestling for the lessons it taught and the individuals it helped us become.

Donations not only continue to stoke the fire of the world’s oldest sport, but are an investment into the youth of our communities: Annually the TW Wrestling organization provides thousands of dollars in assistance towards the development of youth in our community in the sport of Wrestling. Donations, club fees and fundraisers help us raise money to cover club member fees, Idaway/USA cards, gear and other costs associated with club wrestling. These donations also help individuals who are fully committed to our sport, but lack the funds to travel and compete throughout the year at State, Regional and National tournaments. Through these generous donations, club fees and fundraisers, we have been able to maintain a full-time club coach and create many opportunities for our wrestling community.

“More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill – non have wrestled without pride.”   ~ Dan Gable